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March Morning by Paul Drury

Paul Drury

March Morning


Les Bateaux (small plate) by Raoul Dufy

Raoul Dufy

Les Bateaux (small plate)


Cheval dévoré par un lion by Théodore Gericault

Théodore Gericault

Cheval dévoré par un lion


Lovers. "The Raised Bottom" by Eric Gill

Eric Gill

Lovers. "The Raised Bottom"


Devota Profesion - Devout Profession by Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya

Devota Profesion - Devout Profession


Moulin en Hollande by Johan Barthold Jongkind

Johan Barthold Jongkind

Moulin en Hollande


L’Écaillère by Jean-Emile Laboureur

Jean-Emile Laboureur



Fleur Exotique by Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet

Fleur Exotique


Boxing - November by William Nicholson

William Nicholson

Boxing - November


Single Turkish Form by Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson

Single Turkish Form


Forms in a Landscape <i>or</i> Columns and Jugs by Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson

Forms in a Landscape or Columns and Jugs


The Herdsman's Cottage by Samuel Palmer

Samuel Palmer

The Herdsman's Cottage