Edouard Manet


Les Gitanos

Les Gitanos by Edouard Manet


Etching1862315x239mm[sheet 513x356mm ]

Reference: Guerin 21state i/ii; Harris 18 state i/ii


The extremely rare first state of this important etching - one of only three known proofs. Before considerable work throughout the plate and before all lettering. Printed in a dark brownish-black ink on buff-toned laid paper with the HALLINES watermark.

Guerin first recorded the existence of two first state impressions in 1944, one in the Baltimore Museum of Art and the other in the Bibliothèque Nationale. This is the only other example to have appeared since.

In its later published state Les Gitanos appeared in Cadart’s first folio for the Société des Aquafortistes in September 1862. It was Manet’s first published print and as such marked his official debut as a printmaker.


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