William Nicholson


Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt by William Nicholson


Woodcut with watercolour1897238x226mm[sheet 508x496mm]

Reference: Campbell 20A & 67A


From the series, Twelve Portraits. Printed from the original woodblock and hand-coloured by the artist. Signed, dated and numbered in ink on the original backing board. Rare thus. Minor foxing, mainly at the extreme edges of the support sheet otherwise in excellent condition.
Engraved originally for The New Review, the magazine in which Queen Victoria was first published in lithographic form in June 1897. Several original woodcuts, including Whistler and Kipling were offered individually to subscribers but failed to sell in sufficient numbers so in 1899 were included in the series, Twelve Portraits. It is believed that some 60 or 70 impressions were printed in total although it is likely that Twelve Portraits was limited to about 40 copies.

Provenance: From the archives of William Heinemann, the original publisher.