Samuel Palmer


The Early Ploughman

The Early Ploughman by Samuel Palmer


Etchingbegun before 1861179x253mm[sheet 332x408 mm]

Reference: Alexander 9 state vii/viii; Lister E9 state viii/ix


A superb impression printed by A.H.Palmer for his father on the so-called
Private Press, circa 1879 or 1880 after the plate had been rebitten. Signed by the artist in pencil.

For many years The Early Ploughman was considered Palmer’s finest plate. It was popularised by Hamerton when he published it in his
Etching and Etchers in 1868. However his impressions were poor at best and did little for the artist’s reputation.
The true beauty of the plate is only really to be appreciated in later impressions made towards the end of Palmer’s life.