William Blake


Ciampolo tormented by the Devils

Ciampolo tormented by the Devils by William Blake


Engraving1827approx. 278x354mm[385x455mm]

Ref: Binyon 128 state ii/ii; Bindman 648; Bentley 448


Literature: Todd, Ruthven, Blake's Dante Plates, Book Collecting & Library Monthly, London, 1968; Essick, R.N., The Printings of Blake's Dante Engravings, Blake, An Illustrated Quarterly, Rochester, N.Y., Winter 1990/1991, pp 80-90; Bindman, David, William Blake The Divine Comedy, Bibliotheque de l'Image, Paris, 2000.

Plate 2 of the illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy.

A fine strong impression from the final edition of 25 printed in 1968 (see introduction)