James Tissot


Le Banc de jardin

Le Banc de jardin by James Tissot


Mezzotint1883418x568mm[sheet 560x767mm]

Reference: Wentworth 75 state i/iii


A magnificent early proof in the first state of three before letters.
Printed on laid India paper and signed by the artist in pencil in the lower margin. Inscribed Bon à Tirer and with further notes in the artist’s hand relating to the paper and/or the ink colour.

Signed and inscribed impressions of Tissot’s etchings and mezzotints are rarely encountered and fresh, early examples of this quality are exceedingly rare. Almost certainly it is one of the very small number of bon-a-tirer proofs sold in the Vente Tissot, 1903 and probably one of two noted more recently in the collection of Sagot-LeGarrec, Paris.